Fortune Artha

A complete solution for Co-operative Societies. ARTHA is one of the most user friendly software solutions in the market.


By working together, we can tackle your challenges head-on. You need a partner that understands your business, one that delivers solutions and is supported by teams that believe only the best will do. Fortune Artha is innovative banking application software for managing financial institutions such as co-operative societies/banks. This is an end-to-end software solution designed for the automation of payment systems, authentications and financial flexibilities in conformity with regulatory requirements.

Fortune Artha


Value Proposition: We offer more than just software.Our proposition is about a whole range of services from helping a start-up to have a good start in the payment service business to making an existing undertaking competitive with other companies in the marketplace for years to come

Features include but not limited to,

  1. The most user friendly software solution in the market
  2. Developed according to the guidelines of Co-Operative Societies
  3. Built –in security measures
    1. User control
    2. Maker-Checker authorization cycle
  4. Developed on latest technology
    1. Runs on windows 8/10 operating system
  5. Android app for Pigmy collection and also supports pigmy collection machine
  6. Member ID concept across all relations
  7. Regular software updates-Daily product for SB A/C, Group Loan and Weekly R.D. etc…
  8. Passbook and statements printing facility
  9. Detailed MIS reports to help management to take timely and correct decisions
  10. SMS facility

SMS Integration

Send transactional SMS to your customers.

Pigmy Machine Support

Data collection assistant for the agents of the bank.

Multilingual Support

Customizable to local languages.

Multi-branch ready

Multi-branch operations with a central database.

Pigmy App


Fortune Artha Pigmy Collection App is a step towards Door step banking .The app is exclusively designed for Artha users. Pigmy agent, who is at the Door step of customer can now collect the pigmy amounts in just 2 steps, enter the Name/AC No and select pre-set denominations. Gone are the days for traditional pigmy machines which had to be carried along, Fortune InfoServe is now having an ultimate alternate solution. Agents now don’t need to carry the device separate, lengthy process of collecting the deposit amount.


  1. Intuitive user interface
  2. Lower cost than buying a pigmy collection device
  3. Agent can set upto 5 predefined amounts as per his choosing to assist in faster amount collection
  4. SMS integration
    1. Uses the SMS credits from the Agent's mobile
    2. This enables the society to make use of low cost SMS plans for the Agent's mobile
  5. Daily payable amount feature