Fortune ERP

An integrated business software suite that helps you run your business.


ERP is an organization's management system which uses a software application to incorporate all facets of the business, and automate and facilitate the flow of data between critical back-office functions, which may include financing, distribution, accounting, inventory management, sales, marketing, planning, human resources, manufacturing, and other operating units. Our application uses cutting edge technology which makes the application robust, secure, reliable and yet very easy to operate. Software can also be customized specifically, to meet the end user expectations.

From book keeping to business reports, from purchase order to supply management, from running your payroll to recruitment and from projects to inventory management.

Challenges Of ERP System

  1. Tracking  down large quantities of material movement to and from Customer’s and vendor’s end
  2. Timely availability of material and stock value status.
  3. Online production data, at each stage of the long chain of processes
  4. Online stock update and instant inventory position of materials, tool’s life and value of stock at WIP
  5. Instant incentive calculation as per operation-wise established baselines.
  6. Live Quality check/inspection  from operator to supervisory levels as per frequency guidelines set by control plans
  7. Feasibility study and commercial viability of new product development.
  8. Determine Optimum production costing

Our Solution

  1. Production data is tracked at process lines, where application is deployed on Tablet PCs attached to the machines.
  2. Supply chain management, integrated with the ERP tracks down large movement of material to and from customers/ vendors.
  3. Inward / outward material movement with respect to E-Sugam / Subcontract process form tracked with   precision.
  4. Stock valuation is provided on FIFO as well as Weighted average basis.
  5. Operation-wise stock and valuation tracked within WIP
  6. Incentives and Bio-Metric attendance system directly linked to the Human Resources database.
  7. Auto Purchase Orders raised against preferred suppliers for critical items on reaching reorder levels.