Life @ FIS

The tasks

The multiplicity of our clients means we lead projects related to a variety of issues, sectors or lines of business. This variety provides the employees with the chance to build themselves a rich and varied career path.

The exceptional feature of our way of working is a significant presence on the work-floor, and day-to-day interaction with our clients; this includes our less experienced employees, who therefore enjoy a high level of exposure and real responsibility. Life on the project also consists of sharing experiences and knowledge within the team, during regular “Stand-Up” sessions, in addition to training organised within the firm. The role of our managers is to administer the teams in an operational way, but also to develop their knowledge and expertise, their skills and to share our values.

A team

Fortune InfoServe is above all a team of experts, sharing the same values and the same objective: to bring results to its clients, contribute to the development of its teams and flourish within a professional yet friendly environment.

We want to continue to grow this friendly and warm workplace environment in order to encourage thoughts between employees and create a shared self-motivated moments.

A success story

Joining Fortune InfoServe means playing a part in building a success story that began in 2012. Today we are made up of virtuous number of staff and we want to continue to grow.

Our clients recognise the quality of the work we undertake by renewing their confidence in us year after year: we are recognised for our added value.

Employee focus: Happy employees perform better at work!

  1. Equal opportunity and respect to all
    All employees are valued, respected and treated equally, as a vital part of Fortune InfoServe’s vibrant work culture.
  2. Capability appreciation
    Capability weighs more than experience - this is a belief prevalent in Fortune InfoServe. It is through this belief that every talented and capable employee is duly acknowledged and appreciated through genuine support and encouragement to grow.
  3. Home-grown talent
    The employees and their skills are cherished and enhanced with widespread support, through various training programs, workshops, and sessions with the leadership and managers. The management constantly endeavours to ensure that all employees are given an ecosystem in which they can flourish to the best of their abilities.
  4. Come backs and long-term work
    An environment of transparency, data-driven, structured approach, and value for talent is responsible for bringing former employees back, thus ensuring long-term employee retention within the company.